Full Night’s Sleep Review ~ Cute cover, Interesting characters … 9 out of 10!

The Omega of His Dreams ~ Book 2

Author:  Kiki Burrelli

Release Date:  26 December 2017                            Price:  $2.99

Reviewed by: Sophie

Cover Art:  My first thought on this cover was that it was cute. There is a man holding a baby in his arms. The man and the baby are placed nicely in the center. Underneath them is the title. The title font is curvy and shadowed. I don’t like that the font color is white because it could be hard to read against the pale background. I think that the bare chest in the corner, does not really belong there and iss only there because it is a romance novel.

Synopsis:  The author gives a trigger warning notice. The story mentions sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Main Characters:  Grayson, Alpha and CEO of a Pharmaceutical company

Lochlan, Omega and employee of Grayson

They were interesting characters. Nothing was black and white with them. They boss and employee but at the same time they are also alpha and omega. Their relationship is at times marked by mistrust and yet other times by great passion.

Secondary Characters: They are interesting and range from children to members of omega rights group. They were well conceived and great friends to Lochlan.

Format:  This story is written in third person with every other chapter told from the view point of either Grayson or Lochlan.

Plot: This story was rather interesting. The world in which the characters inhabit is a world where Alphas have the right to lord over omegas. Omegas and their allies are battling the restrictions. Amidst all this, Grayson and Lochlan manage to have a romance.

Flow/Continuity:  I don’t think that there were problems with the flow or continuity. The writer mixes an even amount of passion and nonsexual tension together.

Conflict/Climax:  The conflict is not a simple one to define. It is multifaceted.  Alpha versus omega. The conflict felt so realistic. It is settled only on a personal level between Grayson and Lochlan. I think the whole thing was done well by the author.

Conclusion:  I liked this story. I liked the characters and the world that they lived in. The author did a wonderful job with the dialogue and the characters’ backgrounds.

For all this, I give this 9 out of 10 stars!

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