Omega’s Stepbrother Review ~ Enjoyable second chance romance … 9 out of 10!

Men of Meadowfall ~ Book 3

Author: Anna Wineheart

Release Date:  08 January 2018                  Price: USD 0.99

Reviewed by: Sophie

Cover Art: The cover art is like the other books in the Men of Meadowfall series. Two men are placed on the top portion of the cover. A baby is on the bottom. I do not find the men attractive. They do not seem to mix well together as one man is naked and the other is wearing a suit. Only the baby belongs. It is cocooned in a blanket sucking on a teether.

Synopsis: The author’s note warns the reader about past domestic/emotional abuse, violence, kidnapping, self-harm and panic attacks. In the advanced copy that I was given it was put at the end of the author’s note. Personally I think that it should have be put right after the title page on its own.

Main Characters:  Raph and Wyatt are stepbrothers who fell in love with each other when they were teenagers, but they did not act on it. They meet up again at a family party and sparks fly once more from them. I liked the characters because the author did a thorough job with their background story.

Secondary Characters: I liked some of them and hated the Grandmother, Wyatt’s ex-partner and the parents. I think that the author created fully dimensional minor characters.

Writing Style: The story is told in third person, but the chapters alternate between Raph and Wyatt.

Plot: This is a straightforward story. It is a second chance romance with enough angst to make it enjoyable.

Flow/Continuity: I think that story moves easily from chapter to chapter. The author mixes the romance and tension with ease.

Conflict/Climax: This story has a lot of conflict and tension simmering at the surface. There is the story’s main tension which is Wyatt and Raph’s forbidden romance. This consumes most of the story and I think that it is well handled. The second problem that the two main characters have is Wyatt’s ex Max. I think that the author handled him decently. All the issues were settled neatly by the end of the story.

Conclusion: I have enjoyed the Men of Meadowfall series, so I was glad to see The Omega’s Stepbrother.  I found this title fitted well into the series. It was well written with characters who were made of flesh and blood. I loved how the author interspersed the romantic scenes amongst all the conflict that the men went through.

For all these reasons, I give The Omega’s Stepbrother 9 out of ten stars!

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