The Mentor of Barrenmoor Ridge Review ~ Deserving 9 out of 10!

Author: Jackson Marsh

Release Date:    4 January 2018                   Price: £2.21 US$3.00

Reviewed by: Felices

51GFcYQlWOL._SY346_Cover Art: Shows two men, the younger, cleanshaven, in the foreground and the other, older and bearded. Both dressed in winter clothing and look out from the cover. The background is a snowy mountain type scene, with two men walking along a trail. The title is in a dark print. The cover fits with the book’s theme.

Synopsis: Short and sets the scene well. There is a warning of adult content inside the book itself but not on the retail sites.

Plot: John is a loner living in isolation on the side of Fellborough Peak following the death of his lover. As a member of the mountain rescue team, he is called out to rescue Gary from the fells during a snowstorm after he is hurt. Gary is also being pursued by criminals, and although seventeen years younger than John, he helps him through his grief while John helps Gary with coming out.

Main Characters: John Hamilton, mountaineer and photographer, devastated by the death of his lover Serge on Everest a year previously, living alone unable to overcome with his grief.

Gary Taylor, 19 years old and abandoned by his mother three years previously. Has been sofa surfing ever since.

Secondary Characters:   Richard, tricked Gary into posing nude for photographs but never paid up. Mark Ward, so-called friend of Gary who allowed him to sleep on his sofa but is helping Richard to find Gary.

Flow/Continuity: Flows seamlessly between scenes and no continuity issues were found.

Conflict & Climax: There is conflict between John and Gary to begin with and also between them and Gary and Mark.

Writing Style: Written in the third person, the author has an easy flowing style.

Editing/Formatting: A few errors appeared in my review copy which have been notified and corrected. Formatting is tidy with no superfluous whitespace. Chapters begin on new pages and are headed in a large script font.

Price: The price is about right for the number of pages.

Conclusion: A well written story about two men, one finding his way back from the depths of despair and the other just finding his way, while dealing with crooks and a conman.

I think this deserves a 9 out of 10 star rating.


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