Bearing it All Review ~ Recommended … 9 out of 10!

Bear Brothers Mpreg Romance – Book Two

Author:  Kiki Burrelli

Release Date:    11 January 2018                Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Elaine

Cover Art:  The cover is very nice looking and is split into two sections.  The top is a scene of a bare-chested muscular man standing in front of a river, with a hill behind him on the right side, and a bear roaring on the top left side over his shoulder.  The bottom scene is a bear roaring while standing on his back feet and trees and blue skies in the background.  The title has many different fonts, some cursive and the others bold and blocky.   Over the top is a pattern that somewhat resembles the cutouts of a jigsaw puzzle.

A lot is happening with this cover, but it has great appeal and works well with the cover of the first book in the series.

Synopsis:  The synopsis clearly states the unfolding drama in our world of bears succinctly and in a way that draws the reader in.  The ARC copy does not contain an 18+ warning for sexual encounters.

Main Characters:  Heath and Angus are our main characters in book two of the series.  I fell in love with them by page two.  Their interactions – the witty banter and easy camaraderie between the two speak of how well-suited they are for each other, and how well the author conveys the emotions of the characters.  It’s easy to see that Heath longs for what Sawyer found.

Secondary Characters:   The secondary characters we see the most of are Roscoe, Angus’ brother and his mate Sawyer.  We also see Gaia, Roscoe’s second in command and Heath’s sister Maggie.   Again we see a lot of close-knit den members, and the family feeling just envelopes you.  The emotions from the extended family are readily apparent – they fight, they love, and they laugh.

Plot:  Simple but interesting, human and alpha meet, but there is one problem.  The human is “The straightest man on earth.”  Add in an evil motorcycle club, a little bit of family drama, and a whole lot of loving, and there you have it.  I devoured this in one sitting as it kept my interest level up.

Flow/Continuity:  There was nothing that interrupted the flow or continuity of the book.

Conflict and Climax:  This climax is different, in a good way!  I can’t say much, but Angus doesn’t always act like a typical, overbearing alpha.  Well, he does, in a loving way, but he lets Heath deal with his issues on his own terms, and that was pretty refreshing.

Writing Style:  The book is written in the third person, with alternating viewpoints from Heath and Angus.

Editing/Formatting:  No editing issues were found. Formatting was done well, chapters are clearly labeled, and scene changes are called out with asterisks.

Conclusion:  Reading a book by this author always brings me to my happy place.  Pack, love, family, and children always play a central theme in her novels.  Mpreg is also one of my favorite tropes and Kiki writes it well.  If you like big, strong alphas who are NOT alpha-holes, true mates, cuddly (if leaky) babies, and steamy sexy times look no further.  I do recommend that the reader read these books in order as they are not really stand-alone titles.

I give this sweet read a 9 out of 10. 

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