Lonely Omega’s Baby Wish Review ~ Excellent blend of romance & humor … 8 out of 10!

Mpreg Hospital ~ Book 4

Author:  Dex Bass

Release Date: 27 December 2017             Price:  $3.99

Reviewed by: Sophie

Cover Art: I don’t like the cover art. It does not seem to match the content of the book. It is a rather generic picture of a bare-chested man. I don’t like that you can’t see his face. Anything would have been better than this image.

Main Characters: Andre Acour, an alpha magazine owner who has given up searching for a mate

                                Oz Oster, an omega who works at the Mpreg Hospital

I like these characters a lot because they were funny. Andre and Oz were made for each other. There was electricity between them. The intimate scenes between them were electric.

Secondary Characters: The minor characters provide comic relief throughout the story especially the aunt.

Plot:  It is rather straightforward. The characters are desperate for love and family.

Writing Style: This story was written in third person narrative.

Flow/Continuity: I think that the story was well written. The scenes seemed well planned. There was a great mix of passion and humor.

Conflict/Climax: The author handles the characters’ problems well. The issues dealt with are lack of love life and past family history. Everything is dealt with satisfactorily.

Conclusion:  I loved this story because of the excellent blend of romance and humor. The characters were funny, and I did not want the story to end.

For all these reasons, I give this story 8 stars out of ten!


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