Love Me Whole Review ~ A must-read … 10 out of 10!

Author: Nicky James

Release Date: 17 January, 2018                                                  Price: $3.99

Reviewed by: Tai

Cover Art: The look of wrinkled paper with a male face fading to birds in flight. It is a clever, clean cover. The title is in a large, legible font while the author name is in bold, easy to read print.

Cover Artist: Nicky James

Synopsis: The sneak peek we are granted in the blurb is an accurate description of the story, and one that will entice you to read Oryn and Vaughn’s story. The author includes the warning of triggers, one of self-harm and a past-abuse warning. There are some intimate scenes but not overly descriptive.

Plot: Vaughn is a 35 year old who is stuck in a rut and decides to go back to college at night for a Marketing course. What he did not expect was to meet Oryn, a 28 year old with Dissociative Identity Disorder and five alter personalities. Vaughn develops a closeness to Oryn easily and finds himself falling for Oryn.

Main Characters: 

Vaughn- 35 year old gay male

Evan- Vaughn’s best friend

Oryn- 28 year old with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). He has five alter personalities. Reed, 23, who is a prominent alter, protective, competitive and a jock. Rain, a 5 year old who is excitable and loves Lego and Batman. Cohen is 19 and social. Theo is an asexual who rarely comes out and is his balance, the one who organizes and is structured. The last personality is Cove, who is self-destructive.

Secondary Characters:

Richard Spore- College instructor

Flow/Continuity: This book is a standalone with no breaks in the story.   

Conflict & Climax: Vaughn interacting with Oryn’s alters is fascinating. Vaughn accepts them easily even though they are somewhat surprising. There is a surprise, in a good way but sorry, no spoilers.

Editing/Formatting: Chapter headings are in bold type.  

Priced: Comparable to new releases. I would purchase this book at a higher price as well.  

Conclusion: While the author did not delve into the triggers, she handled them in a way that let you know they are there. I am impressed at the way she handled the sensitive parts of the story. The author gives information on DID with such compassion.

Out of curiosity, I looked up information on DID, and found the information given to be accurate. I would list this as a ‘must-read’ for anyone taking sociology or psychology courses.

The cover with the birds coming from the man’s mind looks symbolic of Oryn’s personalities.

Between the cover, story, and information, you could not ask for a better book.

Rating:  10 out of 10.


Twenty-eight-year-old Oryn Patterson isn’t like other people. Being an extremely shy, social introvert is only part of the problem. Oryn has dissociative identity disorder. He may look like a normal man on the outside, but spend five minutes with him, and his daily struggles begin to show.

Oryn shares his life and headspace with five distinctively different alters. Reed, a protective, very straight jock. Cohen, a flamboyantly gay nineteen-year-old who is a social butterfly. Cove, a self-destructive terror, whose past haunts him. Theo, an asexual man of little emotion, whose focus is on maintaining order. And Rain, a five-year-old child whose only concern is Batman.

Vaughn Sinclair is stuck in a rut. When his job doesn’t offer the same thrill it once did, he decides it’s time to mix-up his stagnant, boring routine. Little does he know, the man he meets during an impromptu decision to return to college is anything but ordinary.

Vaughn’s heart defies logic, and he finds himself falling in love with this strange new man. But how can you love someone who isn’t always themself? It may not be easy, but Vaughn is determined to try.

Author Bio:

Nicky James lives in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. She is mother to a wonderful teenage boy, and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn’t think she’s crazy.

Nicky has always had two profound dreams in life; to fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, and to write novels. Since only one of those dreams was a possibility, she decided to make the other come alive on paper.

Nicky writes MM romance books in a variety of styles including contemporary, medieval, fantasy, and historical.

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