Dead Speak Review ~ Good mystery… 8 out of 10!

Cold Case Psychic ~ Book 1

Author: Pandora Pine

Release Date: 9 January 2018                     Price: $0.99

Reviewed by: Sophie

Cover Art: This story has a decent cover. The color scheme is nice. It added to the cover’s paranormal effect. The man on cover is attractive. His eyes stare right into you. I like the graveyard background and the mystical hand picture.

Main Characters: Ronan is a Boston Police Detective who is haunted by his past. He has been demoted from homicide to the cold case unit. He goes to Tennyson, a psychic located in Salem for assistance. There is a lot of tension between them. Ronan doubts Tennyson’s abilities at first but once they know each other better, he respects them. They are very passionate with each other. Their intimate scenes were white hot.

Secondary Characters: The author created a good variety of people who act as good friends to the main characters. They were funny and compassionate at all the right times.

Writing Style: Each chapter is told in either Ronan’s or Tennyson’s point of view. It is done well.

Plot:  This is a very interesting story line. It is both a paranormal and a mystery story mixed all in one.

Conflict/Climax:  The conflict is two-fold. Ronan does not believe that Tennyson is a real psychic and they are trying to find a lost boy. These two problems are dealt with by the author in a masterful way.

Flow/Continuity: I did not feel at all confused by the flow of this story. I think it worked well for its genre. The author mixed an equal amount of romance, paranormal and mystery to create this book. The sex that there was fits nicely into the story line. Nothing was over or underdone.

Conclusion:  I think this book was a perfect start to a new series. It introduced Ronan and Tennyson as the Psychic Detectives. It was the perfect blend of the romance and paranormal genres. This story also had a good mystery attached to it.

For all these reasons, I give Dead Speak 8 out of ten stars!

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