Uncorked Review ~ True to life story … 8.5 out of 10!

A New Year’s Eve Novella

Author:  J.R. Barten

Release Date:  December 30, 2017                         Price: $1.99 or Free on KU

Reviewed by Elaine

Cover Art:  I really like the cover, mainly because of the clock in the background.  It is just a simple, antique-looking dial, in sepia tones.  Standing in front is a well-dressed, bearded man in a suit holding a glass of champagne.  We only see his profile, he looks as if he is toasting someone.  The title and author’s name are immediately seen in bold, white font.

Synopsis:  The synopsis is well-done.  It openly discusses the mental health issue, as this is first and foremost what this book is about, and how lovers Dev and Garrett deal with it in their lives. But then, the author gives us hints about Garrett being ready for………more.  It also clearly states that this is a follow up to Unfinished, but that it can be read as a standalone.  We are given an 18+ warning.

Main Characters:  Dev Hemingway and Garrett Jones

The author skillfully shows us Dev and Garrett’s emotions and genuine characters.   It’s easy to see their growth from the first book.

Secondary Characters:  Kim and Larissa

We don’t see much of Kim and Larissa since this is a novella, but they are there, steadfast, true friends and family.

Plot:  The plot is quite simple:  after a year together, have Dev and Garrett decided if this is a forever thing?  When dealing with mental illness, life is not always sunshine and roses.  Do they have what it takes to count on forever?

Flow/Continuity:  There were no plot holes, and nothing pulled me out of the book.

Conflict and Climax:  The book is low-angst, but we still get their feelings, which are not always stress-free.  The climb to the climax is slow and builds nicely.

Writing Style:  This novella is written in the third-person, alternating point of view.

Editing/Formatting:  No issues were noted. Font is nice sized, single-spaced.  Thoughts are italicized for clarity.  There are no blank pages, and the scene changes were called out with asterisks.

Conclusion:  Mental illness is no stranger in my life, and I feel like the author did an excellent job of showing both Dev and Garrett’s perspectives.  In my opinion, the series is very true to life.  I can’t help but think that Garrett lives with a “what’s next” kind of attitude, which I guess is fair.  Regardless, the love is evident between the pair and Garrett has shown so much growth in being able to let go and be less rigid in his habits and expectations.  He has a grand gesture that is sure to make you laugh.

I give this an 8.5 out of 10. 

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