Only See You Review ~ Flows Seamlessly … 10 out of 10!

Author: J D Chambers

Release Date:    6 February 2018                                Price: £2.82 US$3.99

Reviewed by: Felices

Cover Art: Set against a white background we see a young person wearing a vest top. The title is beside him in pink and is a combination of script and upper case. The author’s name is across the bottom in upper case. The cover fits the story very well.

Synopsis:  Sets the scene very well and gives an indication of the story without giving too much away.

Plot: We follow the story of Parker McWilliams who always identified as straight until he meets and falls for Mal, who is just Mal – doesn’t want to be seen as male or female, but just himself.

Main Characters: Malcolm (Mal) Copol identifies as nonbinary and is referred to as they, their.

Parker McWilliams, cousin to Craig, divorced from Shelby who was a bitch and now trying to find himself. Thought he was straight until he met Mal.

Secondary Characters: Craig, Mal’s friend and cousin to Parker. Parker’s parents play a significant supporting role too.

Flow/Continuity: This is such an easy story to read. It flows seamlessly from one scene to the next.

Conflict & Climax: The conflict is mainly with Parker’s parents. His father in particular hates the idea of having a ‘faggot’ for a son. His mother is ill and Mr McWilliams wants Parker to come home and help. Mal has problems at work because of who he is.

Writing Style: Written in the first person from Mal and Parker’s perspectives with alternating points of view.

Editing/Formatting: Extremely well edited and formatted. No issues were found.

Price: Reasonable for the length of story.

Conclusion: This should be on everyone’s read list. I really enjoyed this story even though the subject matter was sometimes difficult.

I have to give this full marks, 10 out of 10!


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