Bait Review ~ Range of emotions … 10 out of 10!

Author:  Pierce Smith

Released Date: 1 January, 2018                                                                 Price: $3.11

Reviewed by: Jacy

Cover Art: Pierce Smith created a beautiful, clean, easy to read cover. 100% Indie work.

Synopsis: The sneak peek does give you just the hint of what lies in store for the reader. It fits perfectly. There is a violence trigger. Proceed with caution as a possible tear jerker. 

Plot: A young, naïve college freshman off to the Big Apple to get away from his wealthy, busy family who have no time for him. He soon finds himself in the middle of another drama. Sex and falling in love with not one but two of his Professors. His life and depression sets in, as well as some hard truths.   

Main Characters:

Cody- College freshman who gets an education the hard way.

Joe- Cody’s roommate and friend

Tina- Cody’s friend and confidante

Max and Drake- College Professors with a trick up their sleeves

Secondary Characters: There are a few secondary characters who give the story a fullness when they are introduced.

Flow/Continuity: The story dives into a heated passion from the beginning and continues throughout the storyline. The story is dripping with sex, dreams and intense emotion.  

Conflict & Climax: All of the relationships are strong within the characters. The friendships are good and fun as they should be. The sexual relationships are teaching, enticing and detailed.   

Editing/Formatting: There are bold chapter headings in place.  

Priced: Consistent pricing with many new releases in any genre. I would purchase this ebook at a higher price. It is released in paperback for $14.99 which I will purchase.

Conclusion: With this story it kind of feels like a reality check as stories like this one do happen in reality.  

There are warnings at the beginning of the book stating dark scenes, graphic language, explicit sexual content, and 18+.

I liked seeing an author have a dedication in their book because no book is written by only one person.

I felt a range of emotions reading this story. I laughed with them, went to class and checked out the hotties, ate junk food and cried with them through their pain and turmoil. Depression is real and affects everyone at some point in time, just at different levels of pain.

Rating:  10 out of 10

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