His Biggest Secret Review ~ A unique perspective … 10 out of 10!

Author: Xander Collins 

Release Date: 25 February, 2018                                                                               Price: $3.68

Reviewed by Jacy

Cover Art: The cover is eye-catching. If not for the hot guy at the top, then for the cute baby and expressions on the bottom.

Synopsis: A great peek at the contents. It is stated for readers over the age of 18, and all characters are 18 or over.

Plot: Mark has always had a crush on his work partner, Landon. Mark wakes up with a hangover and remembers Landon and things they performed. A realization comes to Mark that he was in heat and now pregnant with his friend’s baby, and that he is now an omega.

Main Characters: 

Mark- A beta cop who has a crush on his partner

Landon- Marks best friend and partner at work who is an alpha

Secondary Characters:

Stephen- Mark’s brother, an alpha and a doctor

There are many other secondary characters who add to the storyline

Flow/Continuity: The story was told well and there were no lapses in the storyline. As Mark is a new omega and in heat, there are many intimate scenes which do fit the story. It is not a cliffhanger, however, you want more story. 

Conflict & Climax: Mark was a beta and has changed to an omega. He has the mood swings, doubts and fears so much conflict within himself. Realizing their feelings for each other plus having a baby was the highlight. They confided in each other about their fears and worked through them.  

Priced: Comparable to new releases in this genre.   

Conclusion: The chain of events was well written for a pregnant omega. These two tough guys showing such tenderness. All women are infertile and can no longer reproduce, only men can reproduce. A unique perspective and in some instances, very funny.

Fears on relationships and pregnancy are brought to light, as well as fear of rejection on the family level for being pregnant. The two guys confiding their fears to each other was well written.

Rating: 10 out of 10


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