Art by Adonis Review ~ Tastefully written intimate scenes … 10 out of 10!

Author: Kris Sawyer

Release Date: 2 March, 2018                                       Price:    $3.49    

Reviewed by: Jacy

Cover Art: At the top of the cover are two men, at the bottom a park. The two images blend well into each other.

Synopsis: The glimpse at the inside of the story is accurate. 

Plot: A gorgeous artist/painter looking for the room he is scheduled to interview models in and a wheelchair-bound hottie trying to find his appointment collide when they both get off on the wrong floor.  You can hear the attraction crackle around them at the authors description. When they meet a second time by accident, Aidan takes it as fate and wants Rick to model for him. Rick is withdrawn and sees himself as not handsome with no confidence and couldn’t possibly model for Aidan. As the attraction grows the plot thickens.

Main Characters: 

Aidan aka Adonis- artist/painter

Rick Mahoney- wheelchair-bound and lost in many aspects

Kim- Adrian’s sassy personal assistant

Secondary Characters:

Mrs. Hutchinson- Aidan’s cook and feels like family

Jenny- Rick’s sister

Aidan’s Mom, Dad and brother

There are more secondary characters who make appearances and who complete the story.

Flow/Continuity:  There is no pause in the storyline. The intimate scenes fit where they are in the story and are handled with care.

Conflict & Climax: There is a tough scene between Jenny and her soon to be ex. Which may be a trigger for some. There is a fight with a main character and a gang member as well.

Editing/Formatting: Chapter headings are a brush stroke, brilliantly set up for this story. It is unique and easy to read.   

Priced: Reasonable and along the lines of new releases, I would purchase this book at a higher price.

Conclusion: Very tastefully written on intimate scenes with disability taken into account. I was amazed at the tenderness shown. There are many realistic scenes in which the characters are written. Sometimes the description was so real it seemed like you were watching the story unfold instead of reading it.

My only complaint is, I wish there was more.  

Rating:  10 out of 10



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