Dead Silent Review ~ Entrancing read … 9 out of 10!

Cold Case Psychic – Book #3

Author: Pandora Pine

Release Date: 13 March 2018                                      Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I really like this cover. I think that the colors are vibrant. The blue and purple give it a ghostly effect. The man on the cover is striking with his are piercing eyes yet this is probably the only thing attractive about him.

Main Characters: Ten and Ronan are boyfriends who work professionally to solve cold case murders in Boston, MA. They make a good team both professionally and romantically. Ten and Ronan do not have a lot of sex in Dead Silent but the sex that they do have is electric.

Secondary Characters: The supporting characters provided the characters with help and laughter during a tough case. I liked Ten’s friends’ mother – Bertha and Ronan’s mother. They were fun characters.

Plot: This is a very interesting time for Ten and Ronan’s personal and professional relationship. The author created a story that keeps the reader focused on the main characters.

Writing Style: I found this story easy to read. The writer does not overuse words. She creates vivid scenes and she manages to relay all the characters’ thoughts and feelings.

Conflict/Climax: The road to romance is not easy for Ten and Ronan in Dead Silent. They face many challenges in this portion of the series, that help them grow as a couple. The problems are only resolved by reaching out to their friends and family and working as a team.

Conclusion: I found myself entranced by Ten and Ronan. I found that I could not put Dead Silent down.

For all these reasons, I give this story a 9 out of ten stars!

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