Omega Sanctuary Review ~ A reasonable story … 5 out of 10!

Omega Pack Alliance – Book 1

Author: Alice Shaw

Release Date:    20 March 2018

Reviewed by Felices

29365856_1942381015833030_4998998545613717504_nCover Art: The bottom half of the cover has a sleeping baby, the top half has two male top halves. All stock photos and a bit of a cut and paste job. Title I a mix of script in yellow and uppercase font in white going across the centre of the cover with the author’s name in yellow upper case across the bottom. You would not guess from the cover that shifters were involved.

Plot: Carter, Liam and Daren are on their way to Sanctuary, picking up stragglers along the way and fighting against the government militia in their hope to win their freedom and a safe place to live.

Main Characters: Carter Thompson, gray wolf shifter, one of the last in the line. Liam one of the militia tasked with capturing any unregistered wolves. He is an omega and discovers Carter is his fated mate.

Secondary Characters: Daren is Carter’s father and has been imprisoned just for being a gray wolf shifter. There are other characters who join in and make a contribution to the story.

Flow/Continuity: There were a few places where mistakes had been missed which rather pulled me from the story.

In the shower, Liam and Carter are kissing and Liam is soaping himself, then the next sentence Carter’s narrative says ‘I walked forward and grabbed the bar of soap from him.’ Perhaps ‘walked’ is a poor choice of word.

Another place Carter unbuttons Liam’s shirt and ‘He slid out of the fabric.’ So Liam’s shirt is now off. A couple of paragraphs later Carter’s narrative says, ‘We ripped our shirts off….’

Later on during their escape, the gang are looking to steal a vehicle and the narrative says, ‘But we’d have to get the keys first.’ At the beginning of the next chapter three or four pages later, they are all in the vehicle with no mention of how they got the keys and are driving off under a hail of bullets.

These silly mistakes should have been picked up during the beta and editing process.

Conflict & Climax: The conflict throughout is the battle of the gray wolves against the oppressive government regime and the militia sent to capture our team.

Writing Style: Written in the first person with alternating point of views. The story is easy to follow.

Editing/Formatting: There were quite a few niggles such as switching between ‘gray’ and ‘grey’ throughout plus the inconsistencies as I have previously mentioned.

The formatting was clear with chapters headed with which character’s point of view was narrating. Chapters were not numbered.

Conclusion: This is a reasonable story but I have to admit I wasn’t over-enamoured with it. There were too many niggles and inconsistencies to be able to immerse myself in the story.

I would rate this as a 5* out of 10.

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