Omega’s Claim Review ~ Met all the expectations … 9 out of 10!

Foxes of Scarlet Peak Book 4

Author: Aspen Grey

Release Date: March 24, 2018                             Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Claire

29136777_195376231222610_6919543414547546112_nCover Art: A shirtless man on the front, representing Casper, and a red fox representing Red, with a forest behind them. Pretty fitting because if you read the series, it is set in a forest with all the animals.

Plot: Casper and Red met when they were both sixteen and knew they were fated mates. They met in secret one night and the next day, Casper disappeared. Now ten years later, Red stumbles across Casper’s scent and is determined to find him again and never let him go. This is their adventure after Red finds Casper and what awaits them for the future.

Main Characters: Red, an alpha and a fox, living in Maine with the group from the previous books. Casper, an omega and a fox, living in a home as a boy toy far from Red.

Secondary Characters: Osana, the honorary doctor to the group. She offers advice to the characters and also fixes them when they are hurt. Sonny, the shifter, who kept Casper won’t just let him go.

Flow/Continuity: I thought it flowed wonderfully.

Conflict and Climax: I felt the conflict and climax was pretty predictable. You just know that the two characters aren’t just going to live HEA. And there has to be an epic showdown!

Writing Style: Every chapter let you know whose POV you were reading, it usually alternated.

Editing/Formatting: Any mistakes I noticed will be fixed before book is released and they didn’t take away from the story at all.

Conclusion: I love this series! So I, like a lot of people, was waiting on Red’s story because you knew his had to be so heartfelt. You get a sense of him in all the other books and I often thought about what his story would be like. This author did not let me down. I think this story is her best one and I enjoyed Red and Casper. At the beginning you see when they first meet and I was like *sigh* and then when they meet again. There are some twists and turns, especially when it comes to their sex life that surprised me, but they make it work.

I give this book a 9.0!


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