Forsaken Review ~ Intense & powerfully written … 9 out of 10!

Author: J.R. Gray 

Release Date: 25 February, 2018                                                               Price: $3.97

Reviewed by Jacy

Cover Art: A black, white and grey cover featuring a male with his head turned to the side. He has a dark beard, dark hair and a dark stocking cap. His t-shirt is pulled up and to the side, revealing a nice six pack and extremely low riding jeans with a black belt.

Synopsis: The blurb gives an insight to the depth of the story. The author’s note shows the emotional struggle it must have taken to put this story into words. The only thing I might suggest is to add that it could be an emotional trigger.

Plot:  Titus has been chosen to be the next in line to lead his church, however he feels unworthy. The two men work toward trusting each other but there are broken trusts.

Main Characters:

Titus- heir to the Prophet, his Grandfather

Angel- found beaten and alone

Secondary Characters: There are more characters who add to the angst and credibility of the story.

Flow/Continuity: This is a detailed story that holds you to the end. The intimate scenes fit where they are placed.  

Conflict & Climax: Titus’ conflict is within himself and in becoming aware of his surroundings as well as his religion.   

Editing/Formatting: There aren’t any typos and chapter headings are clearly marked.  

Priced: Comparable to new releases. This story is worth it.

Conclusion: This is an intense story which is powerfully written. It shows you don’t have to accept your life the way it is, you can make a choice for change. Be brave and take charge of your life. There are consequences, so you have hard decisions to make.

This is about more than a religion as it feels like a cult. There is a sadness, terror looming overhead, and the underlying threat against anyone leaving. This story has a truth most don’t feel comfortable in giving this much physical and emotional detail.

Rating: 9 out of 10


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