Irreplaceable Review ~ Average Rating – 7.5 out of 10!

Author:  E.M Denning and Kate Hawthorne

Release Date:  March 11, 2018                     Price:  $3.99

Review by Claire

Cover Art:  The man is only wearing a red lacy pair of panties. All you see is his chest and panties. This is symbolic of both main characters.

Plot:  Kyle runs a blog and a food truck and has a crush on Alex, but Alex keeps rejecting him. Kyle is persistent and won’t take no for an answer. Kyle discovers they have more in common than he thought. Alex is shy and keeps to himself and when Kyle doesn’t give up, Alex gives him a chance. Can their love of panties keep them together

Main Characters:  Alex, single, shy, runs a pantie blog. Kyle, runs a food truck and his own pantie blog.

Secondary Characters:  Willow is Alex’s best friend and voice of reason. Valentina(Tina) is Kyle’s sister and his voice of reason.

Flow/Continuity:  I felt this flowed well. I didn’t notice any gaps or anything.

Conflict and Climax:  This does not have a big dramatic conflict. It does help Alex learn who he really is, and when he breaks out of his shell, he is truly wonderful. Kyle has a moment where he explodes but they resolve it well. All I can say is GUILT cookies.

Writing Style:  All the Chapters have their own title, but you can pretty quickly tell whose POV they are referring to.

Editing/Formatting: There were a few editing errors in this review copy but nothing that put me off.

Conclusion:  I did enjoy this book! Alex is so sweet and really kinda innocent. Kyle is very likable and he is the perfect guy for Alex. I did feel that there was a lot of sex, but came to the conclusion it really showcased that Alex is a different person. That he has embraced who he is and is really comfortable. With the help of the people in their lives, this book meshed really well. And man, men in lacy underwear is not bad either!

I give this a 9!

Review by Lilith

Cover Art: A black and white photo of a man in red lace panties. The title and author name in white and red, with the word ‘lace’ in Irreplaceable in red and the other letters in white. good representation of the content inside and seems to show Alex.

Synopsis: Good intro to characters and story. No warning for adult content but it was needed, there are frequent sex scenes.

Plot: Alex moves to Los Angeles after being outed by his soon to be ex-wife as both bi and having an interest in women’s panties. Kyle lives in the same building and would like to get to know the hot new neighbor, Alex. They both have things in common that could bring them together.

It’s a good plot that has potential.

Main characters: Kyle is a food truck owner who has a panty kink and a webpage he shares it on. He also likes the hot new guy who just moved in upstairs. Alex has moved to get a new start, after being outed as both bi and liking women’s panties by his soon to be ex-wife to both her, her family, and church. He also has a webpage he shares his panty collection on.

Both characters have a promising start. Kyle is well written but unfortunately Alex seems to have missing parts to his life. There were gaps where parts could have been added that rounded him out, and added a little more character growth.

Secondary characters: Valentina/Tina is Kyle’s sister who works with him on the food truck. Willow is Alex’s friend who is the only one left after the fallout from his hometown and Theresa is his ex-wife. Tina and Willow are very much the voice of reason for Kyle and Alex. There is very much the spiteful ex.

Flow/continuity: There were several plot holes that affected story flow and took me out of the story. Panties that changed which pocket they were in and a confusing shopping trip made me stop to verify exactly what I had just read.

Conflict and Climax: The conflict of the story was Alex’s struggle to get past the betrayal of his ex and starting over in a new city. Unfortunately what could have been character building turned into a lot of sex scenes; hot sex scenes but they seemed to take the place of growing Alex into a well-rounded man. Kyle was fairly well-rounded with little conflict except wanting to get to know Alex. The ending was good and seemed to allow an opening for a follow-up.

Editing and formatting: Formatting was good but there were editing problems. A few wrong words and some plot holes interrupted the story for me.

Conclusion: This book started off on a good note, two men with the same kink coming together. Unfortunately Alex’s growth as a character seemed to stop when he met Kyle, or at least wasn’t shown on page. His trust issues seemed to disappear almost magically and he goes from filing for divorce to being divorced; no mention of hearing or anything being signed before a confrontation with his ex in a restaurant. Parts just seemed to be missing to me, that and plot holes and a missing adult warning given the amount of really hot sex scenes helps with the rating.

I give this book a 6 out of 10 *

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