Consorting with Dragons Review ~ Interesting … 9 out of 10!

Author: Sera Trevor

Released: 07 April 2018                                 Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: It is a rather pretty cover. A man is dressed in a scarlet overcoat with a gold waistcoat and white cravat. He is placed in a garden. In the distant background, there is a castle and a flying dragon. The title is written in a fancy gold script.

Main Characters: Lord Jasen and King Rilvor were fun characters to read about. They were totally different from one another. Jasen was the fish out of water at the court and Rilvor was the king. I liked Jasen a lot because he was a rebel who did not go with the flow as the cut throat marriage stakes at Rivlor’s court. The two men have excellent sexual chemistry with each other.

Secondary Characters: I loved the variety of different minor characters, from mystical dragons to the lowly stable hand. Polina made an excellent villain.

Writing Style: I liked the author’s narrative. I found it very engaging. The story line hooks you in right away because it drops the reader right amid the action, meeting the main characters first and then the secondary characters. I think the writer is good at creating detailed scenes. They are rich in color and activity. This story is low on the heat level, but the sexual content is interesting and not boring.

Plot: This interesting romance in the fantasy genre whose characters are focused on finding the perfect spouse.

Conflict/Climax: One of the main characters must fight for the right to be at the court. He is an outsider who is made to feel unwanted. He must also fight for love and his eternal happiness.

Conclusion: Sera Trevor took me away to a fantasy world where dragons roam and there is romance to be found. It was the first story that perfectly blended the two genres of romance and fantasy together. I loved the main characters and I loved the dragons.

For all these reasons, I reward this story nine out of 10 stars!

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