Dead Weight Review ~ Amazing storyline …10 out of 10!

Cold Case Psychic ~ Book 4

Author: Pandora Pine

Release Date: April 10, 2018                                       Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Orion

Cover art: I think this cover art is perfect for this story. It shows Tennyson and candles and just fits for the whole psychic and cop story that this is. The color of the title pops out at me and you can read it easily.

Synopsis: It lets you know what to expect from this story. It doesn’t tell you too much that you don’t need to read the book but lets you know what is coming. However it doesn’t spoil anything for your reading pleasure.

Plot: This storyline is amazing. I love the different issues they come across. I love that they don’t have an easy relationship but still fight through everything they go through.

Main Characters: Tennyson who is our psychic and Ronan who is our cop. They are perfect together. Both a bit broken and having a hard time but love each other so much they keep trying.

Secondary Characters: We have a lot of different ones in this series. We have the brothers, Carson and Cole who are both psychic and also Detective Fitzgibbon who brings along his son and the love of his life into the mix. They are all one big family though. We also have another cop and his wife along with their four teenage boys who play a big part in this story as well. These characters help make up this series and story. Without them it wouldn’t exist as well as it does.

Flow/Continuity: It flows amazingly well. You are on the edge of your seat and things happen that leave you asking, “What just happened?”.

Conflict and Climax: When Ronan gets hurt and Tennyson has to do things alone it is amazing. The detective and Ten do things as a team and the ending leaves you in suspense and shocked.

Writing/editing/formatting: I received the arc for this and only found one spot that had an issue and the author already knew when I told her about it. The story was beautifully written and the editing was spot on.

Conclusion: This story is amazing. I loved the spooky aspect, I loved the mystery aspect and I loved the intense love and attraction. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the story and had to keep reading until it was over.

I have to give this a maximum of 10*

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