The Problem Review ~ Beautifully done … 10 out of 10!

Single Dad Support Group ~ Book 1

Author: Piper Scott

Release Date: April 9,2018                Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Orion

Cover Art: This cover is hot. The guy portrays the single dad very well. The coloring pops with the title and author name. The purple background is superb.

Synopsis: It was spot on. It didn’t tell you too much but gave you enough to be curious what was next.

Plot: An omega artist who sees the world in colors meets an alpha scientist who is a single dad to an amazing teenager. The artist has no interest in repeat sexual encounters and the dad thinks he doesn’t deserve to have fun because he is a single dad. There are a lot of issues that have to be worked through and love.

Main characters: We have our omega artist, Alex who has been hurt in the past and therefore believes he is broken. We also have our alpha, single daddy Laurence who puts his son before everything and doesn’t believe he deserves love. The two together are fireworks.

Secondary characters: There aren’t too many but the ones we do have are amazing. The single dads’ club online for Laurence are his friends which then enters Gage who is Alex’s best friend. Gage is also a single dad. Without these characters this story wouldn’t be what it is.

Flow/conflict and climax: The flow is amazing. The storyline progresses very quickly and makes you want more. The conflict was wow. I didn’t see that coming until shortly before it happened and when it did the way it was dealt with was amazing.

Writing Style: As always Piper Scott keeps your interested and intrigued. You are never sure where Piper is going next in a story but when you get there you are left wishing there was more.

Editing/formatting: No issues that I saw in this story.

Conclusion: This was an amazing story about heartache, love, trust, sadness, betrayal and so many more emotions. It was beautifully done and sets us up for another in this series.

I gave it a 10/10 stars!

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