The Blake Inheritance Review ~ Enjoyable … 9 out of 10!

Author: Jackson Marsh 

Release Date: 17 April, 2018                                                        Price: $ 2.99

Reviewed by Jacy

Inheritance cover smallerCover Art: There is a lighthouse in the background with clouds moving with the incoming tide. Nice background. The two men pictured are an issue. While they fit the story, the placement isn’t quite right. The redhead with the white tank shirt is being hidden by the flying coat of the man on the right with the white button up shirt and black coat. There is something off with the one wearing the coat, like his position is off or the image was manipulated and not just a photoshop.  It would lead a reader to believe the second character overpowered the first character and that is not the story at all.

Synopsis: You get a taste of where the story may lead. It is stated that the book contains descriptions of gay sex. I am happy that there was a mention of any kind that there are sexual details.   

Plot: Ryan Blake is trying to find answers to mysteries involving his family and Charlie seems to know all about him, his family, and perhaps how to find the answers Ryan is searching for. Charlie and Ryan had gone to the same school, with Ryan being a few years older than Charlie. Charlie was interested in the Blake family history and researched them for a school paper, then delved in deeper and kept up with Ryan to present day.

Main Characters: 

Ryan Blake- Just out of a bad relationship, and on a trip for answers

Charlie Hatch- He has been in love with Ryan for years. They had gone to the same school although not in the same year.

Secondary Characters:

Gerrie- vicar and Charlie’s foster mom

Thomas- Lighthouse keeper and holder of historical facts involving the town

Flow/Continuity:  The story flows smoothly with curiosity and intimacy combined. The intimate scenes are well written and I could see older teens/young adults exploring their sexuality within these pages, even though the characters are in their twenties.

Conflict & Climax: Ryan and Charlie have the complications of getting to know each other, but Charlie has the advantage. The two of them learning to trust each other was heartwarming to see it unfold.

Editing/Formatting: There are chapter headings and no formatting issues  

Priced: It is a good release price and I would purchase it at the introductory price.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the history within the story, the family tree and all the secrets. The mystery and locations for answers was brilliant. (No spoilers)  I would suggest anyone who likes mysteries, genealogy and treasure hunts, as well as finding a surprise relationship, should definitely read this book.

I am rating this story a 9 only due to the cover as it does not do the story justice. If I was skimming covers to find a book to read, I would bypass this one.

Rating:  9 out of 10

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