Spring for Me Review ~ Well formed and interesting… 8 out of 10!

Rose Falls ~ Book 4

Author: Raleigh Ruebins

Release Date: 07 April 2018                         Price: $ 3.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I liked the colors of the story’s cover, but the models are not my favorite. They appear mismatched. They are pretty, but I wished the two looked at each other with passion. Their placement on the cover was not bad. I loved the use of color on this page. I think that the blue and green colors were eye pleasing.

Main Characters: Patrick and Taran are owners of competing bars in the small town of Rose Falls. I liked the men a lot and I think that they had real chemistry with each other. Their relationship started with harmless flirting and turned into something deeper.

Secondary Characters: The minor characters provide Patrick and Taran with support throughout the story even though most of the story focuses on them.

Plot: This was rather straightforward. Two rival bar owners find love with each other.

Writing Style: The narrative was well done. The author made it easy to get into the minds of her characters. The narrative alternates between Patrick and Taran. I think that this worked very well. Another thing that I liked about the writing was the dialogue which was not stilted. It was comedic at times. Patrick and Taran did a lot of flirting with each other. The reader can easily feel the passion on the page, as the writer is very visual with her words.

Conflict/Climax: I don’t think that there was a large amount of conflict in this story. It is my opinion that the source of any conflict arises from the main characters’ pasts. I think that the author deal with the conflict in a satisfying way.

Conclusion: I found to be a nice read. The characters were well formed and interesting. The passion was palpable and the chemistry from the main characters was off the charts.

For all these reasons, I assign this story an 8 out of ten stars!


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