Bonded by Fate Review ~ Non-traditional alpha/omega shifter story … 8 out of 10!

Author: Noah Harris

Release Date: 21 April 2018              Price: $ 0.99

Reviewed by Orion

Cover Art: This one is gorgeous. The coloring is beautiful, it portrays the wolves in the story well and I love the look of it. My only complaint is the subtitle, Heart’s Desire Book 1, kind of gets lost into the background.


Synopsis: I thought it was spot on. It didn’t give too much away. I still found some spots that were surprising and it lets you know if there may be graphic mm things involved.

Plot: Snarky omega meets a rude alpha. They knew each other as children. They fight and then realize things have changed. They must figure out how to change in themselves as individuals and maybe together while figuring everything else in their lives out.

Main Characters: We have our omega, Kyle. He is a sullen, reclusive omega who has had to be a survivor and needs to be strong. He is packless and really only has two friends.
We also have our alpha, Aidan. Aidan knew Kyle when they were kids and he was mean to him. Therefore the two of them hate each other on sight.

Secondary Characters: Lily-Kyle’s best friend. She is a younger omega and believes in true love still. She is a little firecracker who is still scared to say what she thinks most the time. She loves Kyle.

Mags-Odd, shaman, Kyle’s boss of sorts. She is teaching Kyle and treats him as her own son. She loves him also.

Aidan’s pack- He has a good pack, they are funny and need each other. They treat each other as a family should with him as their leader.

Flow/conflict & Climax: Very good flow. The writing was very well done in this story. The characters flowed together and the plot kept you going. The climax was well done and things got fixed easily. I would have liked a bit more of a climax but it was still well done.

Writing Style: Very good writing style with this story. It flowed nicely, and it made sense. Things weren’t out of place and the characters were fun.

Editing/Formatting: I didn’t see any issues with either of these.

Conclusion: This was a very enjoyable non-traditional alpha/omega shifter story. It had love, anger, hate and happiness in it. I enjoyed it.

8 out of 10 stars 

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