Alaska Review ~ Great story … 8.5 out of 10!

Sawyer’s Ferry ~ Book 1

Author: Cate Ashwood

Release Date:  April 22, 2018

Price: $3.99

Reviewed by Claire

Cover Art: A man is on the cover, all you can see is his shirt, tie, watch, and suspenders. It is a lovely cover, could be either MC in my opinion. The man is straightening his tie in the picture. Title is in a clear uppercase font with the writer’s name in script just cutting through it. I like the cover.

Synopsis:  I felt this summed it up pretty well. It leaves a lot open but is pretty accurate.

Plot:  Holden is sent to Alaska from New York to convince Gage to come back to New York and work in the business he had built with Holden’s father. Gage says no and Holden’s life changes.

Main Characters:  Holden is a doctor who is in debt to his father. Gage, a doctor as well, is in Alaska working at a smaller hospital.

Secondary Characters:  Frankie is Holden’s best friend and works for Holden’s father. Logan is Gage’s best friend, who convinced Gage to move to Alaska in the first place. Other minor characters from the hospital. Philip is Holden’s father and not such a great guy.

Flow/Continuity:  I liked the flow. Went pretty well, one thing after another happening so it kept me interested.

Conflict and Climax:  This was resolved in a nice manner. Time really flew by in the story.

Editing/Formatting:  Very few errors for me. One thing I didn’t like was that the chapters were not labeled as to whose POV one was reading. I was lost a few times in whose view it was. I would prefer to know whose POV it was upfront by clear labeling the chapters with the characters’ names.

Conclusion:  Overall this was a great story. I love how the Author portrays Alaska, it just made you feel cold with all the temperature references. I liked the story and how both MCs were doctors. Gage was a little bit of a judger but once he opened up to Holden it was lovely to watch both men grow. The POV did throw me off, and that is the one thing I would want different, but it’s not a major thing. Frankie for me stole the show, his humor and wit was what made me laugh the most. I am hoping Logan gets his HEA next, but we will see.

I give this book an 8.5 out of 10!

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