Mated To The Demon Prince Blitz & Review ~ Good storyline … 8 out of 10!

Hellcat #1                                                            

Author: Sadie Sins

Release Date: 29 March, 2018                                    Price: $3.69

Reviewed by: Jacy

Cover Art: This is a very busy cover. At the back left is a wild cat head. The back right a man is posed without clothes or body hair. The front position is taken by a male wearing a ripped shirt and has no chest hair, a rather androgynous appearance. Nothing about the cover is cohesive and I have nothing positive to add.

Synopsis: The blurb gives an intriguing thought as to where this story will lead.

There are no warnings of sexually explicit content. While many authors do not include that detail, we do provide whether it is listed or not for our readers of all ages. We do respect authors’ rights to list their books their way, as well as to include triggers or warnings as they deem fit.

Plot: Sean is afraid to even step out of his apartment after a bad relationship, his anxiety is crippling. His best friend is a love interest who makes Sean’s body hard even though TJ is straight. After the Master Sorceress, Magnolia tries to move into his building everything changes. Especially when Soot, a sometimes cat who is really a demon, is rescued from Magnolia by Sean. Once Sean begins losing control, everything changes. 

Main Characters: 

Sean- IT Specialist

TJ- Sean’s straight friend who is always trying to get him to adopt a pet.

Soot- Demon Prince

Secondary Characters:

Divia- This witch rules the Noct District and wants to be rid of Magnolia

Jamie- Magnolia’s PA

Blake- Sean’s ex

Flow/Continuity: The story flows smoothly with fear and drama included. The intimate scenes fit the story as demon commands, and he demands lots of sex in many ways, very frequently and he is creative in changing his body to fill all body orifices of his mate.

While it is the first book in the series, it does not feel like a cliffhanger.   

Conflict & Climax: Sean is extremely interested in his mate, TJ, to the point of continual arousal.  

Editing/Formatting: Chapter headings are in bold, black capital letters and no typos in the storyline.

Priced: Comparable to most new releases. With this being a more original tale in paranormal, it is worth it. 

Conclusion: Filled with a good storyline, I loved the idea of spirit movers who can be contacted by only the magically inclined. That is brilliant. Paranormal, horror, sex and MM are a fantastic combination here. The sex ratio is more than the story itself.  

Rating:  8 out of 10



Facts about you. When did you become interested in writing?

I’ve been a reader all my life. I had a few years of sickness and I realized there were all these stories out there to escape into, but they weren’t the ones I wanted to read. So I started writing what I was looking for; high heat with fun plot and engaging characters. Haven’t stopped since.

Why the MM genre?

I found MM to be a place where I could avoid a lot of stereotypes and really explore characters and emotional archetypes. Sure, it’s totally hot for two guys to fall in love and bed, but there was something freeing about taking the gender difference out completely and really play with power dynamics without too many PC voices in the back of my mind interfering. I still want to be ‘nice’ to girls, and it doesn’t help in my storytelling. It’s far more fun to be mean to boys. XD

Who was the first MM author you read?

I think the first book where I stumbled across MM was Wraeththu by Storm Constantine. It was this epic, long story and when I was done, I was like, wait, they were all gay. Where do I find more and can it be totally explicit?

Could you give background to the story and where the inspiration came from?

Ha, okay, so Hellcat, Mated To The Demon Prince was supposed to be this cute little Halloween fic. You know, simple short story of nerd is pursued by an impossibly annoying but charismatic cat shifter, who turns out to be a witch’s familiar, and after enough very persuasive sex, he’d realize it was everything he wanted. Easy. Then the characters took over. Soot decided being a shapeshifter meant actually changing his shape, that he was totally a prince, that TJ really needed to be dragged into this cuz Sean gets lonely without someone to torment with love, and his mates need to be badass because he has plans for them. This demon prince wants a loyal family to help him battle villains we’ve only gotten a glance at, and Sean, who keeps thinking it’s about him, is really just along for the wild ride.

Author bio

Sadie Sins, at your service. I’m a tomboy writer/artist out of New England with a passion for hunky strong men, lithe pretty boys, and lots of hot dirty talk. If you’re looking for a hard edge with possessive personalities, bad attitudes, rough language, and steamy to downright filthy smut, I’m your girl. If it’s two guys (or more) getting it on, be it with the help of magic, a full moon, or just good old fashioned lube, I’ll be striving to make sure it gets as naughty as possible, with just a touch of sweet to flavor.

Links for books

Hellcat, Mated To The Demon Prince:

You can find all my books here:


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