Tank Review ~ Amazing story … A perfect 10!

Ballsy Boys Book 2

Authors: K.M. Neuhold and Nora Phoenix

Release Date: 28 April 2018              Price:  tba

Reviewed by Orion

Cover Art: I honestly love this cover art. It isn’t the typical m/m cover art. No men on it and I didn’t realize it was meant to be the old style porn look until I was told but it catches my eye and makes me curious as to what is inside. Now that I know, I like it even more. It is bright, colorful and the letterings for the title and authors’ names is perfect. Makes it look like everything is in the spotlight.

Synopsis: This is perfect. It tells you just enough about our boys to suck you in. It doesn’t give away anything important and it makes you know you need to read it.

Plot: The Ballsy boys are back and better than ever. We have Tank and Brewer who hate each other. The fans want them together so Rebel makes it happen. From there you have to read what happens. It is an explosive journey with amazing discoveries within themselves and each other. Plus, the other ballsy boys are amazing as always.

Main Characters: Tank who is our furry, grizzly bear, grunting, gruff and oh so sexy; a misunderstood man who can’t stand Brewer.
Brewer who is our flirty, shallow, sexy, always making things into a laughing matter but has so many secrets and more depth to him that we just don’t know about. He also cannot stand Tank.
Both these boys are not who they seem and have a lot to discover about who they are.

Secondary Characters: Rebel and Bear who are the co-owners now of Ballsy Boys. They love their boys and enjoy what they do. They also like to push some buttons and see what happens but are protective.
Pixie, Campy and Heart are the three sweethearts of the boys. They are the sweet, innocent and sexy trio. There is so much more going on with those boys that we just don’t know yet.
The Ballsy Boys crew who are equally important even without being front and center. They take care of the boys and treat them like family.

Flow/Conflict & Climax: This is all amazing. Several different conflicts arise and they are taken care of perfectly. People take care of each other and even if they don’t like each other they are still considered family.

Writing Style: These two writers separately are amazing, but together they are a power duo. I love their writing. They flow off of each other and bring it together perfectly. They do their boys justice and make them amazing.

Editing/formatting: No issues here.

Conclusion: This story is amazing. These boys – I cannot wait to see where they go next. I loved watching Tank and Brewer and seeing their story unfold and what happens to get them where they need to be. Amazing!

A perfect 10/10 stars

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