Unbroken Review ~ Perfection … 10 out of 10!

Author: Sloane Kennedy

Release Date: May 4, 2018

Reviewed by Orion

Cover Art: It is gorgeous. The title and author name are easily able to be read.

Synopsis: Perfect. It tells you just enough to suck you into it but not enough to make you wonder why you bothered to read this story.

Plot: The plot is amazing. This can be read standalone but for a full on experience you really need to read all of her books. Aleks and Vaughn, two broken men for completely different reasons. They have to learn to trust and to love.

Main Characters: Aleks is our amazingly strong and scared young man. He is perfect. He is Dante’s younger brother who was kidnapped and saved by Vaughn years later. He is scared of everything but so very brave at the same time. He loves his family and will do anything to save them.

Vaughn is our one who does unspeakable things to help family. He saved Aleks and there was a connection between them. Later he needs to save him again and then his family needs Aleks help for their family.

Secondary Characters: All of Aleks’ family. There are a lot of family members and they are all amazingly strong men. They fight for him and for family, whether blood or not.
All of Vaughn’s family. While not nearly as many as Aleks’ they fight tooth and nail to save each other and their family. They fight others and each other. They do unspeakable things to try to save their family. Luca’s son was kidnapped and they need Aleks which is where he comes in. They are loyal and loving but fierce and devoted at the same time.

Flow/conflict and climax: This was all perfect. The climax was dealt with amazingly. They saved each other from many things and they did it as a family.

Writing style: As always this is perfection. Sloane writes her characters so broken but willing to be put back together. They have their darkness, Sloane doesn’t sugar-coat them but they find their light and fight like hell to keep that light safe.

Editing: No issues there.

Conclusion: This story is perfect as well as the others. I highly recommend this author and these stories.

10 out of 10 stars

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