Dead to Me Review ~ Perfect … 10 out of 10!

Author: Pandora Pine

Release Date: May 8,2017                                         Price: $3.99

Reviewed by Orion

Cover Art: It is gorgeous. This one shows a bit more simplicity then the others, but that is perfect because this story is less involved then the others.

Synopsis: It was perfect. Made me want to read it as soon as possible.

Plot: Tennyson’s father comes to him in the afterlife and lets him know he needs to go home and help his mom with his funeral. The rest of the story is the fight for family and how you choose your family. Family is not just blood.

Main Characters: Tennyson of course is our psychic. He is engaged to Ronan and he loves his life and his friends. He was also disowned at age 18 by his parents with only the clothes on his back.

Ronan is our detective who is head over heels for Tennyson. Recovering from being shot still and loves his friends and his family.

Secondary characters: There are always several in this series but in this story the main ones are Fitzgibbon and Greeley who show up to help Tenny and Ronan with the funeral and the issues going on where Tennyson grew up.

Truman, Cole, and Carson also appear. They are Tennyson’s best friends and both Tenny and Ronan’s family.

We also have Dixie who is Tenny and Ronan’s puppy.  She is an adorably cute and fluffy pile of fur and love.

Flow/Conflict: This was perfect. There were spots I wanted to go in and strangle someone but then Greeley would step in. It was amazing. The climax was perfect as well and got fixed beautifully.

Writing Style: I love Pandora’s writing style. This author sucks you in and makes you wonder what is next. It’s amazing.

Editing & Formatting: No issues that I saw.

Conclusion: This series and this story are amazing. I love seeing what happens next in each story and each story is a totally different set of problems and issues and have to be fixed. It is perfect.

10/10 stars 

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