Better Together Review ~ Emotionally charged … 9 out of 10!

Author: BL Maxwell

Release Date: 15 May, 2018                                        Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Jacy

Cover Art: A dark background with green brushed in, towards the male standing with his back to the edge of the cover. He has dark hair and is wearing a black sleeveless shirt. The title font is okay but may be hard for some to read. The author’s name is in capital letters at the bottom. It is a clean cover.

Synopsis: There could be an emotional trigger with the main character being rejected by his parents for being gay. There is not a sexual content warning. Definitely a warning for being a tear jerker, happy or emotional.

Plot: Caden is homeless at seventeen after being rejected by his parents after they discover he is gay. Damario’s (Rio) parents have been deported for not giving a change of address. He is now responsible for himself at seventeen with two younger siblings. These two young men share a heart touching story about themselves. No spoilers

Main Characters: 

Caden- A seventeen year old kicked out onto the streets by his parents for being gay.

Damario- (Rio)- A seventeen year old raising his younger siblings and trying to keep his siblings with him.

Secondary Characters: The rest of the characters make a family. Separately and together, these guys get all the love and support they need to survive and excel.

Flow/Continuity: This story flows smoothly, there are no breaks and you don’t want to set it down once you start reading. 

Conflict & Climax: Caden and Rio start a friendship pretty easily. I cannot tell my favorite part of the story without a spoiler.

Editing/Formatting: There weren’t any typos and the chapter headings were in bold print as well as assigned to characters telling their part.

Priced: It is priced lower than most new releases, especially in this genre. It’s worth a higher price.

Conclusion: There are translations at the beginning, which is a nice touch. This had to be a hard story to write. A boy still in school, getting driven away from home with only a backpack. Another boy has to step up and raise his siblings while attending school himself and working to care for them all. This story is emotionally charged and well written. I would challenge all of the LGBT community and supporters to read this book.

Rating:  9 out of 10

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