Not So Vanilla Review ~ A sweet Tale … 8 out of 10!

Author: Morgan Noel

Release date: March 29,2018                       Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Lilith

Cover art: Cover shows three doughnuts, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Goes well with the sweetness of Mew and the doughnut scene that will make you look at doughnuts in an entirely different way.

Synopsis: Introduces the characters well. No mention of adult content, which would have been helpful with such a tame cover.

Plot: Mew and Kyle are a couple. Kyle brings home Adam who is his ex and who needs a place to stay. It goes the way you would expect and turned out quite enjoyable.

Main characters: Bartholomew, also known as Mew and Kyle are the main couple. Adam is also a strong character, and becomes the third in the relationship after an adjustment period. Mew would have to be my favorite. He grew into himself and overcame anxiety and doubt in himself. Adam was a bit of a dick, due to his past. He was blunt and I think that helped Mew come out if his shell a little.

Secondary characters: Boots is a character. He’s their rescue cat from a shelter who has a penchant for swatting erections. I got a few giggles out of his scenes.

Flow and continuity: The story flowed well with no stops or gaps.

Conflict and Climax: The main conflict was between Mew and Adam. Mew was quiet and insecure and Adam was blunt. It worked well together though at times Kyle seemed to be absent and needed to communicate his desires more.

Editing and formatting: Editing was good and chapters was clearly divided by titles instead of numbers.

Conclusion: This was a very sweet and funny mmm story. I liked Mew and Adam but there seemed to be a little lacking with Kyle. He seemed to not be able to communicate his needs to Mew which added to his self-doubt about being enough for Kyle. Even with that this was an enjoyable story watching Mew grow into himself, and after reading you won’t see shoeboxes or doughnuts the same again.

I give this sweet tale an 8 out of 10*

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