Break Through Review ~ Decent & Interesting … 8 out of 10!

The District Line – Book 2

Author: C.F. White

Release Date: 29 May 2018                          Price: US$4.19 £2.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I find it visually pleasing and full of color. There is a nice contrast in the models with one torso shirtless and other not. I liked the tattoo on the arm on the man on the left. The title is drawn in a nice orange font.

Synopsis: The author begins by warning the reader that due to the adult nature of the content, reader discretion is advised. The author’s note recommends that the reader read Kick Off first to get a better understanding of what is going on in the series universe. A warning about a brief mention of 7/7 is also given.

Main Characters: Seb and Jay are interesting characters. They are fully fleshed out individuals with a shared past.  They once shared passion together but life’s circumstances caused them to separate. They spend a lot of time separated by distance and time. I liked the way they acted together when reunited once more. Seb and Jay have a lot of sexual chemistry. Their sexual encounters are the best of the story.

Secondary Characters: I found some characters difficult to like at all. Most them made me want to hit them.

Writing Style: This book’s style is different to say the least. The chapters are titled and the narrative alternates between New York and England. I think the dialogue was done decently. It flowed and sounded realistic. I also found the scenes to be full of descriptive detail. The author writes sex scenes that are electrified with passion.

Conflict/Climax: The main characters confront many challenges throughout this story. Some of these issues are on a personal or professional level. Jay and Seb are not dealing with minor concerns. These are fundamental to the fabric of their lives.

Conclusion: I think that this story was interesting, but I would advise for readers to only read this story if they have read book one because they would be utterly confused and that would be a shame. This story is a decent one. Jay and Seb are decent characters.

For all these reasons, I award this story an 8 out of ten stars!

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