Rainbow Romances ~ Blitz & Review … 8 out of 10!

Book: Rainbow Romances                                                                                                           

Author: Multiple

Release Date: 1 June, 2018                                                          Price: prelease £2.99, US $4.12

Reviewed by: Jacy

Image-6Cover Art: There are muted colors mixed with eye-catching waves of color. The title is in a different font than most use, being unique. I like the heart not being the perfect heart shape, as if it had been through tough times.

Synopsis: An LGBT + Charity anthology benefitting the National Aids Trust  

Plot: The stories contained in this anthology show hardships and how to deal with them while moving on in life.

Authors and their stories in sequence as in the book:

GR Lyons Stripped Bare

Image-7Severin Fuller- stripper pole dancer

Ty- stripper pole dancer, a stripper twink

Danny- owner of Matchmakers gay club

I liked watching the relationships develop. Danny, a caring father figure matchmaker. Severin and Ty, a friendship and then more. The story jumped a bit from kissing to married and making love. I do like that we didn’t get the details of their affection, with all they had been thru.

Rating: 4-5


Amir Lane Far Water


Avery- An 18 year old, previous foster child moving away to try to build a life

Irem- Traveling to see her Dad

This was a stirring story. I liked the friendship and closeness that developed between the two girls. Avery being honest with Irem and the closure Irem needed in order to move on.

Rating: 4-5


Sarah Beth James Until My Dying Day

Prologue- The bit against prejudice was perfect.

Francis- native and English

Xander- new friend and a senior

Francis is bullied beyond the point of it being called bullying. He is put in the hospital several times for being himself. This is an intense story and I challenge anyone to read it who suffers from depression, loss of self-worth or loss of family due to their not accepting you for the way you are. This is a very powerful story.

Rating: 5-5

Melanie Quinlan Bedsitter Christmas

Raoul- main character

Nicholas (Nicky)- medic and best friend to Raoul

Mr.Pig- the leader of a gang of skinheads

This is a quaint Christmas story of memories. While Raoul feels the negative, Nicky is more positive.

Rating: 3-5


Carmilla Voiez Something To Hold On To

Jenny- 15 years old and is interested in Lucy

Lucy- 15 years old and Jenny’s best friend who dates boys

Jenny defending Lucy against a verbal attack by her ex’s friends was awesome! Lucy is experimenting with her sexuality while Jenny knows hers. It’s about having the courage to explore.

Rating: 4-5

GR Lyons Broken Defenses

Beni Thaton- Certified master in all forms of combat and martial arts plus a master of every weapon.

Kyle- interior designer

This featured three minor characters from three different stories. Shifting Isles books 7,8,9. I wasn’t sure if this was going to make a good story, as I haven’t read the characters before. It definitely worked. There was a year’s lapse in time though.

Rating: 4-5

Marolyn Krasner Selia

Selia- A woman living a boring life

JJ- mail clerk where Selia works

Miriam and Betty- women who try to help Selia

Evelyn- Helps Selia find what she needs

Selia suffers from interspecies cohabitation (plant, animal, human), brought on by a lack of any strong emotion. An emotional status which changes the body. Most would not experience it this way. A very creative story.

Rating: 4-5

Michael Ferrante Online Casanova

Michael (Mike)- 23 year old trying to find a lasting relationship

In trying to find a lasting relationship, he goes online. He finds, ones he nicknamed as Shady, Limp, Uncommittable, In-betweens, Steve, and Jake. Then Albert, his Online Casanova. My problem with this story was, when Mike was ‘getting close’ he stopped and returned the favor. Does that mean he stopped when Shady was getting close too?

Rating: 3-5

Priced: This is a good price for a prerelease anthology.  

Conclusion: There are some talented authors in this anthology and their writing complements each other’s stories. While some stories were spot on, some were missing something that could have made the story feel more complete.

Each story in its own way told of overcoming an obstacle or hardship which would make the characters stronger.

Overall Rating for the anthology: 8-10

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