Starstruck Review ~ Likeable … 7 out of 10!

Liberated ~ Book 2

Author: Emily Alter

Release Date: 4 June 2018                           Price: £2.24

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: The cover is very cute. There is a man looking lovingly down at a baby. The models are not cut and pasted. I liked the cleanness of the background. It is simple and white in color. I think the pink font color works well for the title because it adds a little more color on the cover.

Blurb: The author introduces or reintroduces the reader to the main characters of the previous story, Rob and Joshua.

Main Characters: Rob and Joshua are a couple who were recently reunited in Liberated. They are raising Rob’s sister’s daughter Jules whilst living life together. Rob and Joshua are good with each other. They call each other pet names and have a real affectionate way with each other.

Secondary Characters: I liked Rob and Joshua’s niece Jules. She was a cute character. She livened up the story.

Plot: This a continuation of the story Liberated. It is rather straightforward. Two men trying to create a life for each other, while raising a little girl. I think that Liberated should be read prior to reading this one.

Writing Style: I think that I should start with what I liked, I liked the narration. I think that the narrative really flowed. I think that the dialogue was well written. The author made decent baby talk for Jules and added cuteness in the main characters’ flirting. I did not appreciate the lack of sex in the story. I think that there should have been more then kissing.

Conclusion: I liked this novella. I think it works well as an epilogue. I liked the main characters and their lack of conflict with each other. The author’s writing style made me want to continue reading Starstruck.

For all these reasons, I award this story a 7 out of ten stars!

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