Three-Man Advantage Review ~ Passionate characters … 9 out of 10!

Tripping ~ Book 2

Author: Ariel Bishop

Release Date: 2 June 2018                                                    Price: $4.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I liked this cover. I think that it as nice as the first book in this series’ cover was. This cover had three decent looking half naked men on it. I think that they were cut and pasted. I wish that weren’t because I want them to hint at the passion to come in the story. I liked the white ice font because it continues the first book’s style. The colors are clean and rich. The lights of rink reflect off the three models.

Main Characters: David, Sasha and Bo are team mates on a hockey team. They begin the story as just friends but soon become involved in a threesome. Sasha and Bo are a couple who add David to their friendship with each other. The intimate moments that they share with each other lit the book on fire.

Plot: I found this story to be straightforward and interesting. It is an ice hockey romance with a threesome thrown in.

Writing Style: I really loved the way this story was crafted. I think that the narrative was decent. The story is told from third person, but the author switches the point of view at the beginning of every chapter. I think that the author did an excellent job with the dialogue as well. She peppers Sasha’s speech with Russian words and not perfect English. I think that this was good. The only downside of adding Russian to the dialogue is that she did not provide a translation of the terms at the beginning of the story. Another aspect of the author’s writing, that I loved was the intimate scenes. There was a lot of sex in this story. She was very detailed about both the fantasy scenes and the real scenes between David, Sasha and Bo.

Conflict/Climax: I think that the main characters problems occur because they do not always communicate. This story does not have a heavy conflict like others I have read. David does not express himself fully to Sasha and Bo. Sasha and Bo fail to do the same with David as well. Their problem is only solved when they start to fully communicate with each other.

Conclusion: I loved this story because it managed to combine two things that I love: hockey and romance. I loved Sasha, Bo and David. They made the story. Their passion for each other made intimate moments vivid and realistic.

For all these reasons, I award this story a 9 out of ten stars!

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