Believe Review ~ Great characters …10 out of 10!

A Skins Novel ~ Book 3 

Author:  Garrett Leigh

Release Date:  June 26, 2018

Reviewed by Claire

Cover Art:  An African American man on the cover, he is shirtless, has tattoos and is looking down.

Synopsis:  Rhys is looking for love. He keeps having one night stands and wants to find real love. He connects with Jevon, whose job keeps him traveling. Rhys’s job keeps him busy as well, but they can’t deny their attraction and connection. Time is of the essence to see if these two guys can make it work.

Main Characters:  Rhys, a flight paramedic, is constantly on the run, off to save people and wants to find someone special. Jevon, a play therapist, is on the go as well.

Secondary Characters:  Henry, Rhys’s brother, finds out a secret about Rhys, and they strife with each other.  Angelo, Dylan’s boyfriend, has medical issues that affect him.

Flow and Continuity:  This book flowed well. I felt like I was in the story with the guys and just wanted to help.

Editing and Formatting:  I was SO into this book that I found one small error, that will be fixed and it was just a coincidence I even noticed it, I was that hooked on the story. All the Chapters are numbered and you can easily tell when the POV is changed.

Conflict and Climax:  The conflict in the book is resolved beautifully. The author did a great job and it completed the book.

Conclusion:  Rhys finally gets his story! As a fan of this series, I wanted Rhys to find his HEA. He is a flight paramedic which I found really interesting and the way the author depicts his job is incredible. Jevon is amazing as well. I have never heard of a play therapist, and for children at that. He wears so many hats and it was sweet to see him react to the children. I loved how Jevon is not sexually experienced and takes a chance on Rhys who is, but wants something long term. This author writes such descriptive words that I can’t help but be IN the story and feel all the MC’s emotions. When they are happy, I am happy, when they are apart, I feel the separation! The sex is incredible as well. I just hope this is not the end of the series.

For all this, I give this book a 10!!!!!!

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