Adam’s Trial Review ~ A touching rich love story … 9 out of 10!

Author: J M Wolf

Release Date:    27th July 2018      Price: £3.04 Kindle. Free on KU

Reviewed by: Witchy Girl

Cover Art: Rue Volley. Shirtless sexy singer, music notes.

Synopsis: Well written, draws you in as well as giving the correct trigger warnings to allow people to make the choice if they wish to read the subject matters.

Plot: Adam Love is a famous singer, trying to get through his complex and busy life style, while hiding a serious secret from everyone around him. While having a meal with his security lady, Tara when he ends up in a fight with several homophobic members dining there. Coming to see if everything is okay with Adam afterwards, Head Chef Jerrick finds himself drawn to the singer. Realising that Jerrick has no idea who he is, Adam invites him back to his hotel room for a night of passion, thinking that he would never see him again. Fate however has a strange sense of humour, When Adam returns home to attend a wedding he finds Jerrick there as well as Jerrick’s girlfriend (Mikayla). The relationship isn’t everything it seems, Jerrick has a secret he is hiding, too. Cue the drama as Adam feels betrayed by a man ‘playing gay’, a man he cares for. As he tries to avoid Jerrick as much as possible and hide his own secret.

Main Characters: Adam and love interest Jerrick. Gerald and Jace.

Secondary Characters: Mikayla, Tara and various others.

Flow/Continuity: Follows on from Jace’s Trial but can easily be read as a standalone without losing any of the main facts. I started on this book, but I will certainly be going back to read Jace’s Trial very soon. The storyline drew me in straight away and never let go of me.

Conflict & Climax: Various conflicts in this storyline. Between the main two characters as they try to find out each other’s secrets. As well as conflicts from Jerrick’s extremely homophobic family causing issues.

Writing Style: Deep, rich scenes that keep you hooked.

Editing/Formatting: No errors that I could see.

Price: £3.04 on Kindle or free with KU. No paperback at time of writing.

Conclusion: Very rich storyline, believable characters. We get to see quite a detailed character arc as each of the main pair develop into themselves. You can feel Jerrick’s pain at what he is having to put both himself and Adam through to preserve his secret as well as completely understand the reasons why he does as he does. Then, you have Adam’s insecurities and desperation to be loved, even though he doesn’t feel worthy of it due to his own secrets. Watching the pair break down each other’s walls is both heart-breaking and touching at the same time. The only thing I can think of to mark it down on, is the fact I would have loved to see the angst and tension taken even further. I loved this book and will certainly be taking interest in what J M brings out next. 

Rating: 9/10.

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