Over and Over Again Review ~ Well crafter dialogues and intimate scenes … 10 out of 10!

Author: Cole McCade

Release Date: 23 July 2018                           Price: $6.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I think that this cover is my all-time favorite. It has a strong masculine model on the cover. The model reminds me of the Greek god Pan, he is shirtless in nature. He is amid shadows and lots of color.

Content Warning: The author warns the reader about May/December age gap, unprotected cis male/cis male penetrative anal and oral sex including swallowing, self-harm through neglect, depiction of sick animals, discussion only of animal euthanasia, recollection of a pet being struck by car, alcohol consumption and smoking.

The author also warned the reader that he used both American and British English terminology. I did not like that because I think he should stick to one. It can be confusing always switching around.

Main Characters: Luca and Imre are interesting characters, who share a unique bond. Luca is a teenager who is unsure what to do with his life and he is sent to spend time on Imre’s farm. Imre is a family friend who went to university with Luca’s parents and now runs a farm raising goats.

 They are fully dimensional characters with full backstories. They are full of fiery passion which erupts from time to time in both anger and lust. They truly love each other and have loved each other for many years. This extended farm stay allowed that love to grow and fully mature. Imre shows his affection for Luca with the use of pet names.

Secondary Characters: The author created a wide variety of characters from the animals to the ladies at the market. They were well written.

Plot: After crashing his father’s motorbike, a teenager is sent to do time at a goat farm. After a few rocky moments, he finds love with his father’s friend. The plot was slow moving at times but overall very enjoyable.

Writing Style: I really enjoyed the author’s style. I found it very easy to get stuck into the narrative. The narrative switched between Luca and Imre’s thoughts and feelings with ease. Even though the author does not label the point of view changes, it is rather easy to figure out who is telling the story. I think that the dialogue was also very good. It sounded natural and flowed when I read it.

The sexual content of the story was not a fast-paced affair. The author takes time with the sex scenes. The sex described over several pages is not sex for the sake of filling pages but meaningful, passionate sex. I think the author put a lot of thought into his scenes. It was the best sex that I have read in a while.

Conflict/Climax: Luca and Imre deal with a lot of problems in this story. Most of their problems revolve around their age difference and whether they should give in to love. Luca’s parents and their lack of interest in him, also causes the characters problems. The men deal with all their conflicts together with the help of friends.

Conclusion: I really loved this story because of the characters. Luca and Imre were great characters with full emotions. Their love and friendship for each other made the story worth reading. I loved the expert way the author crafted his dialogue and his intimate scenes.

For all these reasons, I award this story 10 out of ten stars!

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