Ghost Hunted Review ~ Attention grabber … 8 out of 10!

Author: BL Maxwell

Release Date: 3 August, 2018                                                                     Price: tba

Reviewed by Jacy

Cover Art: Instead of a traditional black and white, this is a bluish/white screen cover. It adds a spookiness and depth. The font and style fits the story perfectly. A historical house with overgrown trees. The font is creepy with the title in red, and the author’s name in white. It fits the contents very well.

Synopsis: Matches the story, giving a hint on what you will read. There is no warning of sexual adult content.

Plot: Jason is all about ghost haunts and paranormal, dragging Wade along with him, no matter how creeped out he gets. This house is the dilapidated, haunted, Vineyard House. The only stipulation by the new owners is if they find anything, to not report the paranormal sightings they witness.

Main Characters: 

Wade – Not a fan of being dragged to so-called haunted houses, but will do anything to spend time with his best friend, who he has loved for a long time.

Jason – All about the paranormal, to the point of buying equipment to find and prove ghosts exist. He has surprises for Wade.

Secondary Characters:

Jimbo – Previous cook at the Vineyard House. He owns his own restaurant/grill now. He knows more about the house than he’s saying.

Flow/Continuity: The intimate scenes fit their placement, and do not go overboard on details. It’s kind of sweet for a new romance. 

There will be a second book I hope. They wrap up the haunting they are on, then are introduced to another case.  To Be Continued…

Conflict & Climax: Wade and Jason had an easy, supportive friendship which develops.

Editing/Formatting: Bold chapter headings

Priced: tba

Conclusion: I am all about this clean, sinister cover. Love it. Jason’s excitement when he talks about ghosts is conveyed by the author. The description of smells adds a level of terror that not many authors explore. This story contains mystery, grabs your attention, and adds a bit of spice.

While this story is appropriate for almost any age, there are sexually explicit scenes. Though not many, readers do like a heads up.

Rating:  8 out of 10


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