A Family For Keeps Review ~ Slow burn … 9 out of 10!

Author: Rheland Richmond

Release Date:    12 August 2018                  Price:  £3.04 US$3.93

Reviewed by Felices

Cover Art: The title in dark blue, a combination of lower case and script appears in the foreground. The top half of the cover has two men looking across the cover towards but not at each other, one is fingering the buttons of his shirt. The lower half has a cityscape plus a faint rainbow appears in front.

Synopsis: Very well balanced and gives the outline to the story without giving anything away. Short and concise. I would have liked to have seen a warning of adult content as the story does contain some steamy scenes.

Plot: Two men brought together under tragic circumstances are trying to build a life together for their children, each hoping they will not lose what they hold most dear while working out their differences. When love comes into play, what can possibly go wrong?

Main Characters: Tristan, guardian to Samantha after his sister died following a car crash. He had promised to raise her new-born baby as his own but now the promise looks like it is going to be broken.

Nathaniel, having grown up in foster care, has everything he ever wanted, a family. He has two children Emma and Wyatt who he fathered via a surrogate. He is devastated when Emma falls seriously ill and he discovers the truth.

Samantha, Tristan’s daughter and Emma, Nathaniel’s daughter, who the story would not exist without so I consider them to be main characters too.

Secondary Characters: Teo, Lain and Cris are Tristan’s former room-mates who have supported him throughout.

Flow/Continuity: The story flows easily from scene to scene,

Conflict & Climax: Tristan is outgoing, has friends who support him and has made a good life for his daughter Samantha. Nathaniel is a loner whose life revolves around work and his two children. Their lives are going to be torn apart by circumstances and now they are going to have to try and rebuild them, together for the sake of their children.

Writing Style: Written in the first person, chapters alternate between Tristan and Nathaniel, with chapters being marked with that character’s POV. Character changes are marked. Each chapter begins and ends on a hook.

Editing/Formatting: Looks very tidy with no unwanted white space. Chapters begin on a new page clearly marked, with an attractive heading. There were more errors than I would have liked to have seen in this review copy however they should have been fixed by publication.

Price: I consider this to be good value for money considering the length of the book.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this story. It had tragedy, explored the relationship between two strangers brought together by tragedy and how they rebuilt their lives over a believable period of time. A slow burn which will pluck at your heartstrings, and although you hope for a happy ever after, it is not guaranteed.

Much as I would love to give this a perfect 10 score, I need to remove a mark for an imperfect review copy. Therefore I give this a 9 out of 10.


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