For You I Fall Review ~ Enthralling … 10 out of 10!

Authors: T N Nova and Colette Davison

Release Date:    28 August 2018                  Price: £3.78 US$4.95

Reviewed by: Felices

Cover Art: Simple and striking, the cover shows an artistic impression of wings, possibly disintegrating. The title is in a gothic style font between the wings, and the authors names are in upper case at the bottom of the cover.

Synopsis: Sets the scene for the story and we discover from this introduction that we are in for drama and suspense.

Plot: Our main character, Seth, is being watched over by an angel, Dante, but events take a turn for the worse when he is murdered. (not a spoiler) Dante has always had feelings for Seth which he has always kept to himself for fear of repercussions. The story follows the two as they search for a way to find a happy ever after.

Main Characters: Seth, a freelance photographer, who is murdered at the beginning of the story.

Dante, an angel who has watched over Seth for the past ten years and has vowed to protect him.

Secondary Characters: Killian, the angel charged with taking Seth’s soul to his chosen place.

The Doctor – the bad guy.

Cal, a jaded police detective who can see ghosts.

Flow/Continuity: This story has an explosive beginning and there follows both dramatic and soul-searching scenes.

Conflict & Climax: The main conflict is Seth’s drive to bring The Doctor to justice with the secondary conflict being between Dante and Killian, two angels with differing opinions on what should happen to Seth and the repercussions with regards to Dante’s feelings towards him.

Writing Style: The two authors have combined to bring a well written easy to read story, with drama, suspense and a touch of romance.

Editing/Formatting: Well edited, a few minor typos in this review copy but nothing to affect my enjoyment of the story.

Price: At £3.78 this is a reasonable price for the length of story.

Conclusion: This is an enthralling story. We know from the synopsis that our hero is murdered but the way this happens is dramatic and shocking leading in to a love story between two unlikely heros as they search both for justice and a path to happiness.

I have to give this 10*. It is so well written and once captured, you just have to keep on reading to find out what happens next. A very dramatic beginning to a series by a brand new partnership.

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