Ghost Haunted (Valley Ghosts Series 1.5) by BL Maxwell ~ 9 out of 10!

Release Date: 16 October, 2018                                 Price: $1.15 pre-order price

Reviewed by Jacy

Cover Art: The author stays true to her hauntingly wicked covers. This one has the blues and unique, haunted font along with a couple of skulls. It continues the books theme.

Synopsis: The blurb gives you a look into the story. Trademarks are acknowledged. The only trigger for this book would be if you don’t like some aspects of Halloween or its characters. A clean Halloween story.

Plot:  Wade and Jason return to continue with the paranormal. Long-time friends, Wade and Jason are on their first actual date as boyfriends and there is a surprise planned.

Main Characters: 

Wade- empath.

Jason- spirits communicate with him.

Secondary Characters:

Jimbo- a beacon

Janis- Jimbo’s sister and a medium


This book does have an ending but leaves you with the knowledge that the investigations may continue.

Conflict & Climax: As always, seeing couples together and sharing intimate moments while even in a group is the highlight of any story.  

Editing/Formatting: Editing provided by Labyrinth Bound Edits. The chapters were separated by numbers and heading titles

Priced: Comparable for pre-release.

Conclusion: The haunted house was descriptive and made me wish I was touring it too. The pre-Halloween release was perfect.  

Ghost Hunted book 1 in the series.

Rating 9 out of 10 due to the unknown with the investigations continuing.

Rating:   9 out of 10

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