Book Review: Earthly Pleasures by Sera Trevor … 8 out of 10!!

Release Date: 07 November 2018                             Price: $3.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I loved this cover art. It is full of rich colors. The artist’s use of emerald green and deep blue was perfection.  I love the model because he looks like the perfect arrogant regency era gentleman.

Main Characters: Prince Paurick, a prince without any sense of responsibility. He is playboy who frequently bed hops changing lovers as frequently as he changes his clothes.

Brother Laurel, an acolyte of the goddess is the total opposite. He humbles himself everyday in the service of the goddess, practicing self-denial in everything.

Prince Paurick and Brother Laurel are two characters who if they had not met by fate’s chance, they would have never met. They made a passionate pair who had as many disagreements as intimate times.

Minor Characters: There is nothing to really like about the author’s minor characters. They are hypocritical. Paurick’s brother and the high priestess push the men into situations that they would never deign to be in.

Plot: Two men from different walks of life must join together and save a land and its people from ruin.

Writing Style: Paurick and Laurel’s story was well written. The narrative flows easily from either man’s point of view. The characters’ dialogue was well crafted. Sometimes it showed their anger and sometimes it allowed their flirtations. I think the author gave her scenes great detail. The intimate scenes were passionate, and the scenes of great anger and conflict had an edge to them.

Conflict/Climax: Paurick and Laurel start their relationship in conflict with each other. They are too dissimilar at face value and are constantly at odds with each other. Once they get closer to each other, their fight becomes not with each other, but with the weight of duty and societal expectations.

Conclusion: I think that this was a decent story because the writing was very good. The main characters, Paurick and Laurel, were endearing. They gave me as the reader the reason not to put their story down.

For all these reasons, I award this story an eight out of ten stars!

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