Book Review ~ Vampire’s Vengeance by Pierce Smith … 8 out of 10!

Released Date: 26 October, 2018                                                 Price: $2.99

Editor: Ann Attwood

Reviewed by Jacy

Cover: There is a naked upper torso in the background with his full face not showing. In the middle there is a red upside down bat emblem that is distracting, not in a good way. The lightning would be enough contrast. The white title font fits the story while the author’s name is in a red, bold font at the bottom.

Synopsis: The sneak peek does give you information on what lies ahead for the reader. It fits perfectly. There is a warning for adults 18+, sexually explicit, graphic and sexual consent may offend some.

Plot: This is a complex book of characters. There is nothing I could add which the blurb doesn’t cover without giving a spoiler alert.

Main Characters:

Mr. Pierce- An ancient vampire

Roman-  A sex slave in the beginning. His character grows and changes.

Secondary Characters:

Raw- Mr. Pierce’s PA

Delano- Demon

Athan- an immortal and a prince

Onyx- dragon

Flow/Continuity: From the beginning of the story it demands your attention and continues throughout the storyline.  

Conflict & Climax: The characters with their individual and intertwined relationships combined create stories within a story.

Editing/Formatting: There are bold chapter headings in place.  

Priced: Consistent pricing with many new releases in any genre.

Conclusion: This is the first book I’ve seen listing the tropes in the blurb or anywhere in the book. The Agency where he obtains his sex slaves is The Naughty Tempters, while his mansion is named The Lions.

This is a story to read more than once to catch the complexity of its characters and their actions.

This is definitely a cliffhanger.

Rating:  8 out of 10

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