Book Review: Lost Love:  A Second Chance Romance by N. Casey … 8 out of 10!

Release Date: 29 November 2018                             Price: $3.99

Reviewed by Sophie

Cover Art: I think that the cover art is decent, and the models are nicely placed on the background. The color scheme is also pleasant to the eye.

Blurb:  The author introduces Gio and Dereck to the reader and explains their background story.

Main Characters: Gio and Derek are childhood friends turned lovers who reunite after an estrangement of several years. Both are in careers that they love, but they are haunted by their past relationship. Reuniting after so many years apart, their reunion is rocky and angry, but the passion of attraction is still there for them.

Minor Characters: They supported the main characters through their reunion.

Plot: Gio and Derek get a rare second chance at a happy ever after, following on from ending their youthful relationship.

Conflict/Climax: Gio and Derek share a past and their reunion causes them pain. The men must work through their past in order to get through to their happier future.

Writing Style: There is really nothing wrong with the author’s writing style save for the over described sex which did not distract from the story. I loved the narrative and how the author told the story from the main characters’ point of views. I loved the way the flashbacks from the past were presented.

Conclusion: I liked this story because of Gio and Derek. They were endearing, and their story was emotional. For all the reasons above, I award this story a 8 out of ten stars!

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