Audio Book Review: Incubus Lost by Ki Brightly (Narrated by Ethan Holdan) …9 out of 10!

Release date: November 4, 2018                 Price: $3.99 ebook

Reviewed by Lilith

Cover art: Shows young red-headed man with a baby, representing Pheo from the story, background shows a nature scene with light streaks behind him. Title and author name are clearly readable as well as that it’s part two in a series.

Synopsis: Good introduction to plot and characters while picking up where the first book left off. Could be a standalone but listening or reading part one will give some background to help understand some plot points.

Plot: Hadrian, an angel, has made a promise to bring all scattered succubi and incubi home to the new Eden. Secretly, he’s also looking for his lost love, Pheo, who he last saw when he went off to war 2000 years ago. Pheo has done what he had to do to survive and lives with what he’s lost in his past. But what happens after they are reunited and that past comes to light is what makes the story. A well-conceived plot that made for good listening.

Main characters: Hadrian, an angel who lost his wings and his lover two thousand years ago.

Pheo, an incubi who survived losing his home, child and lover and is trying to survive.

They are both broken people who need each other to truly heal but first need to forgive.

Secondary characters: Lucifer is Hadrian’s friend and they work together to find lost incubi and succubi. There are returning characters from book one though most of the focus is on the main couple.

Continuity, flow and climax: There were no continuity issues and the story flowed well. The climactic scene was when Pheo finally dealt with the loss of his baby and they came together. While the struggle was heart-breaking the happiness in the end was worth it.

Narration: Pheo was well done as were the other characters. Good depth even during emotional scenes.

Conclusion: This story contains a mix of stories and legends, and uses names of religious figures in a way that goes against how they are traditionally taught. As well as child loss. It is a work of fiction, if any of this will upset you then this book may not be for you.

Personally I enjoyed this story, it had an escapist fantasy to it, while the characters deal with real events that can affect people. If you enjoy escaping into different worlds than you may enjoy this one.

I give this audiobook 9 out of 10*

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