Book Review: His First Christmas by Victoria Sue … 8 out of 10!

Release date: November 25, 2018                           Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Lilith

Cover art: Shows two men, one holding an infant, while both look down at it. Bottom right corner features red ornaments, and title and author name are easily read. The cover represents the story well.

Synopsis: Good introduction to story and characters and draws the reader into the story.

Plot: Bo Rawlings is on the run from an abusive alpha and ends up stranded in a snowstorm when he goes into early labor. Gabe Johnson is a vet who finds Bo’s truck in a snowbank and helps him. This is a sweet Christmas tale that rivals most movies I’ve seen, it’s very well written.

Main Characters: Bentley ‘Bo’ Rawlings is an omega who has escaped from an abusive home and alpha. His family isn’t involved due to views on omegas and he’s alone and pregnant.

Gabe Johnson is a vet who is on call and lonely, only family is a sister who is overseas.

Secondary Characters: Emma is Gabe’s sister, an army attorney who is overseas and advises Gabe on legal matters involving Bo. Jonathan is his friend whom he has known from medical school.

Eric is Bo’s alpha who has abused him and attempts to take him and his daughter back.

There is an assortment of friends as well who all add to the story. They all play an even part.

Editing and formatting: The book was edited and formatted  perfectly.

Continuity and climax:  The climax of the story was Bo’s learning to trust. It was heart-breaking to see his struggle as he tried to accept Gabe and trust considering the actions of others in his past. The final scenes made it worth reading. The only issue I had with continuity was an infant seat which was grabbed at some unspecified point. While it made sense that there was a car seat it seemed to just appear in a corner.

Conclusion: This was a very sweet Christmas tale that is perfect for the time of year. It was the perfect length to fill an afternoon or evening and has a heart-warming end. If you like happy Christmas tales, give this one a shot.

I give this heart-warming tale 8 out of 10*

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